I discovered some leftover vegetables in my refrigerator this week, and you know what that means: STIR FRY TIME! I went tropical this time to beat the winter blues with spicy peanut sauce and coconut topped with freshly squeezed limes and fresh cilantro. It’s a Spicy Coconut Vegetable Stir Fry that can be adjusted to the heat level and any vegetables in your fridge. So read on to make adjustments!


I added 2 Tbsp of Sriracha to the coconut flavor, giving it medium heat. If you’re looking for a mildly spicy sauce, use just 1 Tbsp of sriracha. If you’re looking for an unheated sauce, then remove the sriracha.


As I stated earlier, I utilized a selection of veggies in my freezer, fridge, and pantry. If there aren’t any veggies in your fridge, this could be a perfect time to use the grocery store’s salad bar. Take a handful of 4 to 5 different kinds of vegetables, roughly 4-6 cups, and you’ll be ready to go. In case you’re there’s a need for it, you’re in a pinch, try the frozen bag of stir-fry vegetables.


Spicy Coconut Sauce

1 13.5oz. can coconut milk with full-fat ($1.79)

1/4 cup of natural-style peanut butter ($0.28)

2 Tbsp sriracha ($0.18)

One teaspoon one tsp brown sugar ($0.01)

1 Tbsp New Windowsoy sauce ($0.06)

Two tablespoons lemon juice (about one lime) ($0.22)

One clove of garlic, chopped ($0.08)

1 tsp fresh ginger grated ($0.10)

Stir Fry

4 to 6 cups of mixed vegetables ($1.93)

1 Tbsp high-heat cooking oil of your choice ($0.04)

Optional for Serving

4 cups cooked rice (or 8oz. noodles) ($0.70)

1 cup of chopped peanuts ($0.12)

1/4 cup chopped cilantro ($0.22)

One lime (cut into wedges) ($0.22)


In a large bowl, combine the coconut milk and peanut butter with sriracha, brown sugar, lime juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, and grated ginger. If necessary, warm this sauce in the microwave or the saucepan to let the peanut butter be melted in the coconut milk. Test the seasoning and alter the temperature (sriracha) or salt (soy sauce) and sweetness (brown sugar), as well as the tartness (lime juice) to suit your taste.

Chop your veggies If they’re not already chopped. The cooking oil should be heated in a large pot at medium-high temperature. When it is hot, add the vegetables into the skillet from most difficult to softest to give tougher vegetables, such as carrots, time to cook and prevent overcooking soft vegetables. Cook the veggies for a couple of minutes or until they soften at the edges, as they will continue to cook when the sauce is added. If you use a soft green, such as spinach, you should wait to add the vegetables to the skillet before adding the sauce.

Pour the spicy coconut sauce onto the veggies and stir until it is well combined, and then allow the sauce to warm up (about two minutes). If you’re using a soft green like spinach, mix it in the sauce and stir until it has become wilted.

For serving, serve the sauce and vegetables over the rice in a bowl or add the pre-cooked noodles into the skillet and toss with the sauce and vegetables until they are well mixed. Serve with chopped peanuts and cilantro, then serve it with a lime wedge to drizzle over the top.