There’s a constant battle that is going on with my brain as well as my stomach. My brain is attracted to things my stomach does not, and when I consume it, my stomach is upset. Raw cabbage is among those foods. However, as my friend Jenni sent me this recipe the other night for an easy Vinaigrette Slaw with Feta, I responded, “screw you, stomach, I’m eating the raw cabbage whether you like it or not!”

And I’m so happy I have done it. This is a fantastic process. And it’s straightforward! It’s good that as the salad is marinated in the dressing, it softens, and the cabbage becomes more palatable to digest and eat. Therefore, leftovers from the Vinaigrette Slaw with feta are


It is possible to use the mix of coleslaw that you can buy in bags for this slaw. However, the mix available at the market was pretty sloppy, so I chose to make my fresh cabbage. The main issue with fresh cabbages is you cannot make only small amounts of coleslaw. You need to create buckets of it. I used just half of each head of cabbage (green and purple) and still had plenty. Fortunately, I have a collection of recipes that use the leftover cabbage well, meaning the rest will not go to waste.


This recipe is very flexible and can be adjusted to the quantities and types of ingredients. It is possible to make vinaigrette yourself or purchase ready-made. I chose the easy way today and used Newman’s Own Caesar dressing (the non-creamy variety of Caesar); however, you can make any vinaigrette dressing, such as Italian or champagne vinaigrette.


4 cups green cabbage shreds* ($0.29)

4 cups of purple cabbage chopped ($1.14)

Four oz. feta cheese ($3.00)

1/2 cup Caesar dressing** ($1.50)


Take off any wilted or damaged outer leaves of the cabbages. Cut in half, and then cut off the stems and cores. Finely chop the cabbage with your knife or food processor. Put the shredded cabbage in an enormous bowl.

Sprinkle the feta on the top. Then, pour the Caesar dressing. Mix everything until well-coated. Cover and chill for 30 minutes so that the flavors mix.

The salad should be thoroughly stirred before serving to distribute the dressing.