Hello! Okay, I thought last week’s meal preparation was the last Meal I would cook in my kitchen before moving out, but I was mistaken. At mid-week, I used the remaining four chicken thighs in my freezer to create these sticky ginger soy Glazed chicken meal Prep boxes to help us get through the remainder of the week before packing them up and moving out.

This week’s meal prep is effortless and my favorite meal preparation. I love making an accessible base of noodles or rice, frozen broccoli florets for my salad greens, and a bit of protein. It’s a simple and delicious recipe, and there are numerous variations of the rice, noodles, and protein that I never get bored of. I like the idea of using frozen broccoli florets for meal prep containers because they are durable and do not require any chopping and making (they’re already cooked), making them super practical.

The main attraction of this meal prep container is the sticky ginger chicken with Soy Glaze and the luscious Garlic noodles. Both are incredibly simple to prepare, and this week’s meal preparation is done in a short time. Everything you train in this Meal is ready well within the fridge. However, I wouldn’t recommend freezing this one because the noodles will dry. Another note on the chicken: The glaze will appear clear and beautiful when you cook it, but it can become cloudy when it cools. But don’t worry, the flavor won’t be affected.

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Be sure to examine the label on frozen broccoli attentively! There are many varieties of frozen broccoli, and although the terms used to describe them can vary according to the type of brand, they’re typically similar to cut florets or pieces of stems and leaves. Be sure to purchase the bag marked “florets,” or you may get a lot of branches. Although branches are excellent for soups, casseroles, and other recipes in which the broccoli is puréed, they’re not enough to be enjoyed.

Scoop all the sticky Ginger Soy Glazed Chicken sauce into the boxes tforan extra taste to enjoy with the broccoli.

The box can be heated in the microwave without particular requirements (but it’s best to stir frequently while heating). It shouldn’t cause any issues with excess juices or food items becoming sloppy or limp during the week. This is why I like this kind of container!

If you want to cook fresh, suggest steaming the florets until they become soft and bright green before making them available in the bowl. This will soften them enough to allow them to cook evenly alongside the other ingredients as you cook your food.

For florets that have been frozen, you don’t even need to freeze them before placing them in the container (unless you’re planning to eat a portion of them the next day). The florets will be able to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.