If you missed the last one, I will start with a brand series called a “Sunday Meal Prep” series in which I mix recipes from the past and demonstrate how to prepare them for a couple of days of meals. I asked you last week if you’d be interested in learning more about and the most requested responses were vegetarian/vegan and warm meals. I will tackle two topics this week using the Hummus Box and Falafel. Falafel, as well as my Hummus Box.

This idea for a box began when I recreated my homemade falafel recipe again. This recipe is delicious and simple to make, and it’s been a long time since I’d made these delightful falafels. I added a bit of Homemade Hummus, as it’s straightforward, and served it to go with the Super Fresh Cucumber Salad. I added a couple of pita wedges for each container to complete the box and ensure I had something that could take every drop of the Hummus! Learn how to pack this box to ensure the ingredients are fresh and delicious! (And Yes, I take this box cold, even Falafel.)

You can simply leave out the feta cheese from this Super Fresh Salad for a vegan version of this salad.

For more information on meal prep, how it works, and why I choose to do this, read my Meal Prep 101, A Beginner’s Guide for Preparing and Portioning Meals, or browse my complete budget-friendly Meal Prep archive.


I put everything in one box for photos, but I would wrap the pita in a sandwich bag or lay a piece of parchment on top of the contents. Then, put the pita on top to keep it separate from the liquids.

I’m an “a little bit of everything on one forkful” kind of person, and finding all these things in one place is no problem. If food contact is a problem for you, think about investing in divided containers for meal prep, with a New Windowlike like the ones below. There are also meal prep containers that are made of glass. New windows like like these.

The original recipe for Super Fresh Salad is quite big therefore, If you don’t want to have leftovers, I recommend splitting the recipe so that you can create just enough for four boxes.

The recipe for Falafel produces up to eight parts; however, they can be frozen to cook later.

There’s a good chance you’ll have leftover red onions after you’ve made these two dishes, and I’d suggest making a quick batch of pickled red onions! They’re the top!

The only leftover ingredient is some cilantro. If you’re interested, you could make a hummus with a jalapeno-cilantro flavor to use the cilantro.