Summer Detox: Refreshing Waters with Mint (Pudina), Leaves To Keep Up With the Heat

Mint, a powerful herb, has been used for years to enhance dishes such as raitas, salads, and chutneys. Mint adds a richness of flavour and freshness to food. The medicinal properties of mint, also called pudina in India, make it a popular ‘healing food” in Ayurveda. Mint is a wonderful herb that can be applied topically or inhaled. Mint is great for fast digestion, as it aids in the faster breakdown of food. It aids weight loss and accelerates metabolism. Mint is rich in antioxidants and helps to flush out toxins.

These and many other benefits make mint great for our summer meals. Mint’s fresh aroma and zesty flavour can make any beverage refreshing in this hot climate.

These are detox summer drinks that you can make using fresh mint leaves.

Mint Lime Fizz –

You’ll forget about your regular nimbu panni after you take a sip. This refreshing drink made with lemon and mint leaves will quickly remove your stress and heat.

Coconut Water with Lemon and Mint

This drink is ideal for escaping the heat thanks to its cooling properties, which include coconut water, lemon juice and mint.

Iced Mint Tea

You can’t have hot tea when it is already boiling. This icy cold, minty-infused tea will give you your daily dose of caffeine.

Mint Lassi

A tall glass of chilled lassi is refreshing to cool off on a hot day. The yogurt-based minty lassi will boost your immune system and give you the energy to tackle any day.

Mint Kiwi Lemonade

This drink is a dynamic combination of lemon, mint, and zesty kiwi. It’s a great choice for those times of the year when you want to eat less and drink more while still meeting your nutritional needs.

You can purchase fresh mint leaves in bulk if you don’t have the time. Dry them in the sun and then muddle them. Store them in an airtight container. Mint leaves can be dried for up to six months.