NewMenuAlert – Don’t miss Guppy’s Hanami-Inspired Menu in May.

Hanami, or Cherry Blossom viewing, is a Japanese tradition. Many get together to celebrate with food and drink.

It can be very satisfying to spend Spring in Japan, sitting under a Cherry Blossom tree while gazing at the pink flowers that span miles. This is exactly what thousands of Japanese do in April-May. The Hanami, or Cherry Blossom viewing, is a popular activity in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. Many get together for food and drink to enjoy the cherry blossoms and thank nature for its bounty. Hanami is also deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It is linked to the Buddhist principle of Mindfulness, which encourages you to live in the moment. Unfortunately, the Cherry Blossom’s glory lasts for only a few weeks and serves as a reminder that you should be grateful for what is right in front of your face without worrying about the future or the past. This period is one of the most important events on the Japanese calendar. It is also a time when great food is a big part of the celebrations. Friends and families flock to outdoor spaces to enjoy picnics under the Cherry Blossom trees. Although the chances of finding a Cherry Blossom tree blooming in Delhi are slim, Chef Vikram Khatri and Saurabh Sharan from Delhi’s Guppy have created a delicious menu that celebrates the best of the season.

Guppy’s #HowToHanami Festival is now only for a short time. It features a Hanami-inspired menu and will be available through May.

The menu is well-constructed and includes a mixture of Guppy’s traditional dishes and some new creations for the festival.

A bland appetiser can ruin the first course of a meal. Guppy’s #HowToHanami Festival appetisers are the perfect start to the feast of flavours that follows. We recommend Pork Shumai (steamed pork dumplings) and Tuna Tataki, which are thin slices of tuna with braised onions served in a ponzu dressing. Hiyayako Chilled Tofu, which is silken tofu with citrus and sesame.

Rice & Ramen bowls – very fashionable now – are a great choice for a main meal if you’re already feeling full. It’s worth returning to the Hiyashi Tanuki Soba and Sudori Chicken Rice Bowl.

Guppy will be taking on a Hanami colour this month. You can enjoy the extended menu with great cocktails from Nishant, their resident mixologist. The best thing about Japanese food is its lightness. You can experiment with many different combinations. We did just that and were blown away by the variety of flavours and freshness.