One of my favorite activities is to recreate “convenience foods” at home. I’ve started watching ads for these latest breakfast cups in the last few weeks. All you have to do is put an egg in the cup filled with the mixture of vegetables and meat stir it all up in the heat, and get a quick breakfast. The moment I saw this, I realized it was a great DIY project, so I set to work immediately. I had hoped they were as easy, quick, and delicious as I thought! So, today I’m bringing you an easy Breakfast meal plan How to Make Ahead Microwave breakfast scrambles!


I haven’t found these new breakfast cups in stores at the moment; however, after some searching on the internet, I came across an announcement that lists their suggested price at $2.49 per cup. …And it’s not even including the egg. Yes, you need to include an egg of your own. LOL. My microwave breakfast made ahead of Scrambles cost just less than a dollar with the two eggs each. The other reason I love making these scrambles at home is that you have much less packaging (the supermarket version comes with every ingredient wrapped individually and serves in plastic cups). You can pick the elements of high quality that you’re using. The only drawback is that homemade versions can remain fresh in the fridge for about four days, while the supermarket ones are more durable and last longer. The shelf life of the shorter version is worth it, IMHO.


2 oz. Ham diced ($1.00)

Half cup of diced bell pepper ($0.44)

1 cup chopped onion ($0.08)

1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar ($0.50)

2 1 tsp butter ($0.09)

1/2 teaspoon flavoring salt ($0.05)

Eight large eggs ($1.77)


Divide the bell pepper, ham onion, ham, and cheddar into four containers that can be sealed. Break the butter into four half-teaspoon-sized pieces and then add one element. Sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon of seasoning salt into each of the containers.

The containers are sealed and stored for up to 4-5 days.

When you’re ready for breakfast in the microwave, Pour the ingredients of your container into a glass cup, add two eggs, and mix until well combined.

Place the mug in a loose cover with a clean towel or other microwave-safe object and microwave on high for 30 minutes. Mix into the mixture, then microwave for an additional 15 seconds. Stir it again, and then continue to microwave at 15 seconds and stirring between intervals until the eggs are nearly dry but not completely set. Serve immediately.