Hi! You guys, I’m thrilled to return to the kitchen. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s still a struggle to discover what I consider the “good light” in my new home for food photography; however, we’ll find it. But that won’t stop me from cooking! If you’ve been following my Instagram posts over the last few days, you’ll know I cooked a batch of Naan for My Curried Chickpeas Meal Planning this week. Curried Chickpeas and Spinach are among my favorites. It is a cheap and quick recipe because it requires few ingredients, yet incredibly delicious. It’s like licking the spoon deliciously. I served the curry chickpeas with Roasted Cauliflower and some Naan from my home to soak the Curry tomato sauce.

You may be thinking, “Wow, this is lots of curry.” …” Yep, I used that same spice for the chickpea dish and the roasted cauliflower. They taste different enough to offer a variety for your Meal. In addition, I created one mild world word (the spicy chickpeas) and one spicy (curry roasting cauliflower), adding more diversity. I used only half a piece of Naan in each meal prep container because I wanted it not to be too carb-laden, but should you feel that it would not be enough filling, you’ll have enough Naan to have a complete portion for each box.

The Curried Chickpeas Meal Prep recipe is vegetarian. However, it is not vegan due to the egg and yogurt that are in the Naan. Although I’ve cooked the Naan with no egg (accident) previously, and it was still quite good, I believe it would lack flavor without yogurt. If you want to create this vegan, destitute the Naan with rice, preferably basmati or jasmine.

For more details on meal prep, the process, how it is done, and why I choose to do this, look at my Meal Prep 101, A Beginner’s Guide for Making and portioning meals, or browse my complete budget-friendly Meal Prep archive.


The containers you see this week are from a set of New Windowbought on Amazon to have a separate container option. They come in a massive box of ten, are BPA-free, and are are great, but I prefer my glass and blue-topped Ziploc containers more. They’re not as sturdy, and I’m not entirely sure about the seal to hold liquids.


If you don’t own a divided container, place your Naan in a food-safe plastic sandwich box or zip-top bag to stop it from becoming old.

That’s about my only suggestion to share with your week! This recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require any specific instructions. If you have queries you’d like to ask, post them in the comments below, and I’ll attempt to help you.

Also, since everyone asks me about this type of curry I employ. Curry powders may vary A LOT from one brand to another, so it’s worthwhile to experiment to find one to genuinely like. I usually buy the milder version nowadays and add cayenne to make aaspicy curry. It’s two birds in one stone!