What food did you want to like but couldn’t? Reddit Thread Will Surprise

We all have food that we love and some that we swear by. We love food items no matter how often they have been served. They make us swoon every time we see them. Some food items our families and friends have tried to make us eat but failed. We have tried to like them. We still don’t like them, no matter what. Reddit started a similar discussion Monday when someone asked about the food they “want”, tried to like and ultimately failed to like.

The user said it was cream cheese wontons and made him feel good. He stated that he had tried it numerous times over the years and then tried them again to see if his taste buds had changed. “Every time I try them, they don’t appeal to me. Has this happened to you with any food?

Several others also commented on the food they tried but couldn’t quite accept.

Reddit user OhNoIamAFailure said that it was “eggplant”. It is disgusting how it tastes when cooked, said the user. “.

Another user might not like leaf cabbage. It tastes just like leaves and branches to my taste buds. “I love all greens, oddly,” stated the user who goes under the name Bobcottle.

You might be surprised by the next one. Brokensixstring answered, “Mushrooms,” and added, “I love the flavour but hate the texture.”

Score_ believes it’s raisins. The user wrote that they are gross and ruin everything you add them to.

You might be shocked at the next comment. “Brussel sprouts,” said a friend. He added, “I don’t need a recipe.” I have tried all of them, and I am a good cook. They look amazing roasted. They are not my favourite. They are something I return to every few years in the hope that my taste buds have changed.

ADogNamedChuck was another user who did not like Blue Cheese despite trying it occasionally. “Every time in a while, I decided to try it to see if I had changed my taste buds. The user replied, “Nope.”